Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Surah’s of Salvation: Sunday Seminar



Dates: Sunday 29th Nov 2020 (Part 1) & Sunday 6th Dec 2020 (Part 2)

Time: 11am to 3:00pm

Price: £ 25 

Location: Available online via zoom and also at Darul Arqam, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester LE5 0TE

Entry requirements: None

Tutor: Maulana Uzair

Are you reading Surah’s of The Qur’an in your daily prayers with a lack of presence?

Are you unclear as to their Miraculous Meaning?

Unlock the meaning of the last 10 Surah’s of The Qur’an to gain presence in your prayers and actualise the deep meaning of your daily worship!

The Quran is a miracle and refreshes our belief with its recitation.

Attend just 2 Sunday Seminar’s to gain an appreciation of its uniqueness by learning how the language and circumstances of revelation add deeper meaning and depth to this sublime book, helping you to unlock the true meaning of these miraculous Surah’s as you recite them throughout the day and in prayer.

No previous knowledge is assumed other than reciting the book of Allah.

Open to brothers and sisters, segregated

Available online and at Darul Arqam Educational Trust Leicester!