Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Silaat & Martial Arts


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Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Age: 13-16
Price: TBC
Location: Darul Arqam, 16 Thurmaston Ln, LE5 0TE
Entry requirements: Beginners Welcome
Tutor: Abdur-Rahman Blanchette


“The strong believer is better than the weak. However, in both there is goodness” – The Prophet ﷺ

The strength of a believer is in both strength of belief and body. Combat and wrestling was an integral part of the Hijaz during the Prophetic Era and one in which the Prophet himself participated in a wrestle with Rukanah to incite him to embrace Islam. Come and learn the art of wrestling and other martial arts to fulfil the advice of the aforementioned Hadith.

Tutor – Abdur-Rahman Blanchette

Abdur-Rahman Blanchette has been studying Martial Arts from the tender age of ten. His journey began with Judo, which he studied up to Junior Black Belt. He was fortunate to represent the British Judo Team competing in numerous competitions in both Europe and America. He studied and taught Judo at Junior level until the age of 20 at which point he began to learn Kung Fu. He studied the two main styles of Kung Fu over the next fifteen years and his teachers included Master Gerry Tan.

Again, he competed in the sport as well as becoming an instructor. It was during his studies in Kung Fu, that he was drawn to Silat. He initially studied the Malaysian style under Master Arifeen in London up to Instructor level. He continued to train in this style for many years as well as teach it. He then studied the Indonesian Style with Master Abdun-Nur up to Instructor level. In 2005, he visited Grandmaster Firdaus in the Village of Cimande, Indonesia. There he enhanced his studies and was granted permission to teach the Indonesian style of Silat to those in the West. He then visited Malaysia in 2009 for a brief period and trained with Master Shamsun-Noor who is based in Gumbak

Again, he received a license to teach the Malaysian form of Silat to others. Although Abdur-Rahman has competed in Silat competitions (in Europe) representing the Silat UK Team, he has focused on practising and teaching Traditional Silat. He currently runs a full-time school, Silat Cimande Asli, with the British Silat Foundation in Ilford, London.

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