Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Shadows in the Sun (10 Guaranteed Paradise): Sunday Seminar


Start Date: 28th Feb & 7th March 2021
Time: 11am:3pm
Price: £25
Location: Darul Arqam Educational Trust, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TE & Online
Entry Requirements: None
Tutor: Ml Uzair
Sahaba Series


Sahaba Series – This Seminar is Covering ‘The Ashara Mubasharrah’

The Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were the best of generations to traverse this earth. However, they were still men and women like us. What is it that made them so great? What is it that made Allah (swt) be pleased with them? Why were they guaranteed paradise? This course will begin by discovering the importance and benefit of studying the lives of the Companions of the Prophet (SAW).

We will explore the lives of the Sahābah, focusing on the companions who held a specific roles during the time of the Prophet ﷺ and the righteous Caliphs that followed. This is a unique look at familiar names with a legacy we’ve overlooked. Take a closer look at the lives of the first Quran reciters. These were fallible humans who laughed, cried and fell into temptation; and rose above by their unbreakable faith

Open to brothers and sisters, segregated

Available online and in person!!