Sheikh Muhammed Zaqir

After graduating from Manchester University with a BA (Hons) in Politics and Economics, Sheikh Muhammed Zaqir studied in Damascus, Syria for 8 years at the Prestigious Abu Noor Institute and


Sheikh Suleiman Desai

Sheikh Suleiman graduated from Darul Uloom Bury with the Aalimiyah Shahadah Qualification. While studying there, the esteemed Sheikh Yusuf Motala acknowledged the talent of Molana Suleiman in the


Sheikh Zubair Kola

After having completed his hifz of the Qur’an, Molana Zubair Kola went on to study the sacred Islamic sciences at the distinguished Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, Dewsbury. Molana Zubair has had


Sheikh Saleh Juma

Sheikh Saleh was formerly trained in the Islamic Sciences in Zanzibar, Africa. His first Quran teacher was his mother, may Allah have mercy on her; and he studied Tajweed under his brother


Ustadh Mahomed Yasin Ismail

Ustadh Mahomed Yasin holds a BA (Hons) Degree in


Br. Yusuf Mangera

Brother Yusuf Mangera was born in Malawi and raised in Zimbabwe. After arriving in the UK in 1988 he commenced work in the Mental Health field in 1990 and completed his Mental Health Nurse


Ustadhah Farida Momoniat

For the last ten years Ustadhah Farida extensively studied the Arabic language under the tutelage of the esteemed Sheikh Tijani. On attaining a high command of the Arabic language, and constant


Ustadhah Sharifah al Maqbouly

Ustadhah Sayyidah Sharifa al-Maqbouly is a descendent of the family of the Prophet (saw) from both sides of her family.

Her initial training in the Islamic sciences began at a very early


Ustadhah Jamila El Taeib

Ustadhah Jamila arrived from Benghazi in Libya where she graduated with a degree in chemistry. She then went on to work in high profile companies in Libya also working for an oil company for


Ustadhah Baddriya

Born in the blessed land of Syria, Ustadhah Badriyya began her early studies in her native city of Damascus. In pursuit of knowledge, she has studied in various Middle Eastern countries with many


Sheikh Zubair Khalifa

Ustadhah Sakina Allana

Ustadhah Faheema Sidat

Ustadhah Faheema arrived from Johannesburg in South Africa after having completed her studies in Islamic Sciences at the renowned Jameah Sheikh


Ustadhah Nausheen Naveed

Ustadhah Maimuna Bhana

Sr. Farah Kidy

Ustadhah Farhat (Guest Teacher)

Ustadha Farhat first attended and studied for her Allimmiyah Studies at the Jameah al-Kauther Institute in Lancaster, and


Sr. Naema Bham

Naema Bham is a qualified practitioner with a diploma from the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijamah Therapy. She has been


Br. Mudasser Iqbal (Guest Teacher)

Mudasser is a seeker of Islamic knowledge and an apprentice in Arabic calligraphy learning from one of Turkey's renowned master calligraphers, Hoca Ahmet Koçak;


Sr. Aisha Bhimani

Sr. Aisha Bhimani is a professional Graphic Designer and an all round creative enthusiast. She has previously studied a part time Alimah (sanatayn) course at


Ustadh Uzair Makadam

Uzair Makadam graduated from a well established institution of higher Islamic Education based in Leicester with an 'Alimiyyah qualification. He studied under some