The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) said: "If a man dies, his good deeds are discontinued, except for three: a continuous charity, knowledge from which people benefit, or a good offspring praying for him." (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Scraptoft and Hamilton Muslim Community now numbers in many hundreds of households and there is a pressing need for an inclusive Masjid which enables the community to fulfil its most basic obligations together with providing a base for the education of men, women and children. Alhumdulillah we have now aquired the new premises. This will  now enable Darul Arqam to carry on fulfilling its various projects and services which it has been providing for the Muslim community both local and beyond ( Nottingham, Burton, Peterborough, Coventry, Grantham, Kings Lynn, Lincoln) for more than six years from the previous local rented premises.

These services include various classes, guidance, Islamic play scheme, drop in sessions for sisters and brothers, information for non-Muslims, support for new Muslims, madrassah and spiritual gatherings for brothers, sisters and children of all ages and backgrounds.  Please refer to our website for further information. Up and coming for 2015 a whole host of new activities in the new premesis will also include outreach to the wider non-Muslim community.  This will all take place in and around the new Masjid premises. The new premises embodies the vision of the Masjid being a hub of the community.


arqam house 


To establish the new Masjid we require 450 brothers or sisters each donating £1000 pounds.900 brothers or sisters each donating £ 500 pounds.We also need a Qaradh Hasanah (a personal loan) of various amounts. We envisage, inshaAllah, to repay the loan in a period of a year and should a person require it before this time we request two months prior notice.

The Masjid in its present state which has internal usable space of more than 300 M sq will accommodate more than 500 worshippers. The property also contains ample space for parking onsite and for future use consisting of 0.75 acres of land.

Each prayer space you fund will be in your scale of good deeds till the end of time. Each prayer space together with land is £ 900.The new premises will require minimum refurbishment and is already in a good standard and we envisage that we can use the new premisses almost immediately.




Uthman ibn A'ffan (may Allah be pleased with him) related that he heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) state ' Whomsoever builds a musjid for Allah, Allah will build for him a house in paradise' (hadith related by Muslim).

Our master Abu Hurayrah  (may Allah be pleased with him) relates from the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that 'When the son of Aadam dies all his actions are discontinued except for three; a continuous charity, knowledge by which people benefit and a pious child who prays for the parents'  (hadith related by Muslim).


The Arqam House project requires capital and revenue support of:

Freehold Purchase:£525,000

Professional Fees: £20,000

Refurbishment Costs: £10,000

Collected so far: £337,000

Qardh paid off: £84,000

Outstanding: £188,000



Islamic Bank of Britain

Darul Arqam

Sort code: 30 00 83

Account No: 01226150

Branch: London Road,Leicester, LE2 0QW


If you make a bank transfer ( which is preferred ) please do send us a screen capture of the transfer if it is online or a photocopy of the transfer slip with your name, address and if you are eligible for Gift Aid so we can issue you with a receipt and claim any Gift Aid due. Allah reward you