Mums, dont forget, the 3-4 Year Old Madressa is starting soon on the 2nd of February from 5.15 -6.15pm. Your child will enjoy learning through play and be ready to join the older madressa classes, so enroll today to avoid dissapointment. Limited places only.

The new starting date for the Conversational Arabic Course is the 11th February. Enrol now to confirm your place!
This is for absolute beginners which attempts to immerse students in the Arabic language and enable them to speak in the shortest time possible. It is taught by Sheikh Zaqir. For more information and to enrol, click here!

For £10.00 a month, you will get great insight into all aspects of the Hanafi Fiqh that may prove useful in your lives and will also be able to get to know our Nabi S.A.W. This is an opportunity not to be missed! This takes place every Thursday 9.30am- 11.30am. Creche facilities available for all the mothers! To enrol, click here.

Mother and toddler group will be starting again Tuesday 20th of January. Start your toddlers early by learning Islamic values at an early age. For more information, click here.

The Praises on the Prophet Majlis Thursday at 7pm. Open to both brothers and sisters with segregated facilities. Please try and attend weekly at Darul Arqam and provide nourishment for your soul. 

New continuous course to begin on the 10th of December taught by Sheikh Zaqir Shaikh for Brothers and Sisters, for all details and enrolment please visit the course page!

As usual, the Jewels of Jannah event will take place the first Saturday of every month, therefore, the next one will take place on the 7th of February 2015 for sisters only.

Also, crèche facilities will no longer be available. It is recommended that Children are not bought to the institution, but they may sit alongside their parent during the event.

Feed your family with delicious Akni on Friday the 6th of February after Jumuah salaah and earn rewards at the same time! The pre-order number to have your portion reserved is 07528084809. Text reservations only.

£4 for 1 portion of Akni or £10 for 3 portions.

There is a new GKG offer at Darul Arqam. It is only £6.00 per child and 100% of the donation goes to Darul Arqam. Jk to the GKG management team for the kind generosity.
Buy yours from the office now! Limited time only.

Alhamdulillah supporters of Darul Arqam we now have the opportunity to sponsor a prayer space (Mussalla) in the new DA Masjid, adjacent to the main Madressah building. A Mussalla costs £100 and constitutes a form of continuous charity, paying for a space in which prayers will be read, du'as offered, and Qu'ran recited for years to come. 60 places have already been sponsored and a further 120 spaces remain to be paid for - visit the donation page now to secure your space and earn the rewards for this charitable act.

This month's project is to collect £5,500 for double glazing. Winter is now upon us and the Masjid requires new windows in order to keep the heat in throughout the winter months. Please donate generously to help us reach this month's goal of paying for the double glazing Insha Allah.

"Spend on charity oh son of Adam and 'I' shall spend on you"

Alhamdulilah with Allah's grace, we purchased a new property end of May 2014 which embodies the vision of Darul Arqam. The property is an exquisite grade II listed build which has undergone an extensive and sympathetic renovation program.  Set over three floors, the premises accomodates a playscheme nursery, lecture rooms, atrium and a main prayer hall for 5 times salah. It has 3 bathrooms for usage of the students and musalees.

The facility is open to both men and women and this is completely segregated. The property has a half acre of land surrounding it which is used as parking spaces and allows us to hold various outdoor community activities. In its present form, the premises has a capacity of 500 worshippers.
Alhamdulilah, our first taraweeh took place two months after purchase and all maddresah activities moved across from the 4th Aug 2014.