Alhamdulillah, we have raised £699.73 through Bake 'n' Take Sale this Sunday (28.09.2014). This will go towards the heating in the masjid.
Funds are still coming in. We hope to see you for the Fun Day (Sunday 12th of October 11am-5pm)


Alhamdulillah, by the grace of the Almighty we have raised £1,400 from the Akni@Arqams fundraising event which was held on Saturday 13th of September.  Click here to read more

Darul Arqam is a registered educational organization which aims to provide the Muslim community social, cultural and educational activities to create a sense of identity , moral responsibility, self reliance, community spirit and empowering alienated groups to play a meaningful participation in a multicultural society.

Dear Sisters

Welcome to the D.A. Sisters Activities Page. Alhamdulillah, now we have a platform for you to get involved in religious and social gatherings to enjoy. This centre and masjid is for all to use, enjoy and feel part of. We hope you will provide us with suggestions for future classes or sessions you would like to see held here.

Whist we are keeping costs to a minimum, we welcome any contributions from you and, as well as fundraising ideas. We hope you feel at home here and feel part of the organisation as this center is open to all, insha Allah.

In order to plan and facilitate our future growth it is necessary that we acquire new premises which will embody the vision of Darul Arqam - especially in view of the fact that the present rented property is now too small for our needs.