"Whatever you send forth for Allah indeed you will find it with him." (al-Quran73:20)

When Allah blesses a person He opens a door to good deeds, and Allah blessed the locality of Scraptoft-Humberstone-Hamilton with a Masjid. Our Funday event on Sunday 12th October, in which we brought the community together and brought happiness to our children, raised Alhomdolillah £9066.

This will go towards paying for the central heating, mussalla, and towards repaying our Qaradh.

Please keep making duas and donating to a community masjid which has many activities for our children, aunties, mothers, and brothers.

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Alhamdulillah supporters of Darul Arqam now have the opportunity to sponsor a prayer space (Mussalla) in the new DA Masjid, adjacent to the main Madressah building. A Mussalla costs £100 and constitutes a form of continuous charity, paying for a space in which prayers will be read, du'as offered, and Qu'ran recited for years to come. 60 places have already been sponsored and a further 120 spaces remain to be paid for - visit the donation page now to secure your space and earn the rewards for this charitable act.

Insha'Allah this month two new courses will begin at Darul Arqam. The Women's Coffee Majlis will begin on Thursday 30th October and the Over 50s Lunch club will start on Tuesday 28th of October. Please see the course pages for more details and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Alhamdulillah, we have raised £699.73 through Bake 'n' Take Sale this Sunday (28.09.2014). This will go towards the heating in the masjid.

This month's project is to collect £3,700 for the heating in the Masjid. Winter will soon be upon us, and the Masjid extension of the new Darul Arqam premises requires new heating in order to allow us to continue using the building throughout the winter months. Please donate generously to help us reach this month's goal of paying for the Masjid heating.

Raised so far:




In order to plan and facilitate our future growth it is necessary that we acquire new premises which will embody the vision of Darul Arqam - especially in view of the fact that the present rented property is now too small for our needs.