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Qard repayment
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Volunteers required to help with Darul Arqam Educational Centre
List of things we need volunteers to help with:

  • gardening
  • laying out stones (pebbles) for the car park
  • cleaning the three toilets and surrounding areas
  • cleaning of kitchen
  • hovering and mopping the Jamat Khana in preparation for the underlay and carpet
  • framing of the artwork and resources
  • framing of our five islamic hadith posters
  • securing bookshelves in the office
  • secure TV to the women's prayer room

 Please text 07528084809 to confirm when you are able to help.

Our new address - The Grange, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TE

 We will keep you updated about the opening day and first Jumuah Salah.
Please continue with your du’as and your generous support as we still have qard of £225,500.00 to repay.












Welcome to Darul Arqam

Darul Arqam is a registered educational organization which aims to provide the Muslim community social, cultural and educational activities to create a sense of identity , moral responsibility, self reliance, community spirit and empowering alienated groups to play a meaningful participation in a multicultural society.

Arqam House - Read more here

In order to plan and facilitate our future growth it is necessary that we acquire new premises which will embody the vision of Darul Arqam - especially in view of the fact that the present rented property is now too small for our needs.


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